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EPL 2018/19 Season Preview

Hello and welcome to my EPL 2018/19 season preview! Thank you to everyone who has supported the site over the past year by reading and sharing the articles! Unfortunately I have decided not to do slate previews...

Russia 2018 World Cup Fantasy Preview: Group E-H

Welcome to part 2 of my Russia 2018 World Cup preview, this time for groups E-H. Part 1 got a great response on Twitter, so thanks to everyone who liked or retweeted it! A lot more work has gone into this than ...

Russia 2018 World Cup Fantasy Preview: Group A-D

The 2018 World Cup is finally here, so I decided to write a two-part World Cup preview article to help break down the fantasy relevant players from each team. This is a pretty long article so whilst you could r...


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Common Cognitive Biases in Daily Fantasy Football

Cognitive biases are errors in judgement that influence how people think and act. The human brain is incredible, but it’s not perfect. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder for people to process information in a...

January Transfers From a Fantasy Perspective

My last article on transfers was well received, so I thought I’d take a look at the January transfers from a fantasy perspective. In this article, I’ll go through everything you need to know about a...

Set Pieces in Daily Fantasy Football

Instead of previewing the UCL slates this week, I decided to write an article about set pieces in daily fantasy football. With each cross being worth 0.75 DraftKings points at the time of writing, it’s im...