DFS Terms

Floor = The minimum amount of fantasy points you can reasonably expect a player to score

  • Ceiling = The maximum amount of fantasy points you can reasonably expect a player to score
  • Slate = The list of matches that you can select players from for a specific contest. For example, a Premier League slate on Boxing Day would allow you to pick players from the games being played on December 26th
  • Prize-Pool = The total amount of money available in a contest for players to win. Each player wins a percentage of the prize-pool depending on their score
  • GPP = Guaranteed prize-pool; tournaments where a set amount of money is guaranteed by the site regardless of how many players enter. For example, a tournament with $1000 guaranteed has a total prize-pool of $1000 available to be won by the players. For more information, see the ‘Types of Contest’ section
  • Ownership Percentage = The percentage of lineups in a contest that contain a certain player, e.g. if player A is in 60/100 lineups his ownership percentage = 60%
  • Chalk = A player that is expected to have a high ownership percentage
  • Fade = Deliberately avoid a player that you expect to have a high ownership percentage in the hope they perform worse than expected
  • EV = Expected value, i.e. the average value of a specific investment. To calculate EV, multiply the probability of each outcome by the expected payoff of that outcome, and sum the values. Positive EV means a profitable investment, and vice versa
  • Win Rate = The percentage of contests you expect to win over the long term. For example, if you have a 60% win rate in H2H contests, you can expect to win money 60% of the time
  • ROI = Return on investment. If you expect to receive a greater average pay-out than your initial investment you will have a positive ROI, and vice versa. Calculated as ROI = (earnings – initial investment) / (initial investment)
  • Overlay = A situation where the total sum of all entry fees to a contest is lower than the total prize-pool guaranteed by the site. Calculated as overlay = guaranteed prizes – total entry fees
  • Cash-Line = The minimum fantasy point score required to win money in a contest
  • Field = The number of players in a daily fantasy contest. For example, a 100-player tournament has a field size of 100


  • Sh = Shots
  • SoT = Shots on target
  • CC = Chances created (all passes that lead directly to a shot, including assists)
  • Crs = Successful crosses
  • TW = Tackles won
  • Int = Interceptions
  • FW = Fouls won
  • FC = Fouls conceded
  • Pass = Successful passes
  • Blk = Blocks
  • P% = Possession percentage
  • NPG = Non-penalty goals
  • xG = Expected goals; a model that attempts to assess chance quality by assigning a value to each shot based on the likelihood of a goal being scored. Factors such as shot location, shot type (header, weak foot etc) and assist type, amongst others, all influence the probability of the shot finding the back of the net.There have been plenty of articles explaining this in full, so do a quick google search to find out more.
  • xA = Expected assists, similar to expected goals above.
  • per 90 = Per 90 minutes, often abbreviated as _90 or _/90, e.g. SoT90 or SoT/90 – see a full explanation here.